I wasn’t squeezing. I was pushing down. She was on her back. I don’t know if I was trying to really hurt her, but she squealed like a pig… I guess I was.

She was nervous. She was worried. This is not OK, she muttered…

It got rough. And then I put my hand around her throat, strangling her.

She looked scared. Please stop, she told me. A tear dripped from her pretty blue eyes.

I wasn’t pretending to be a rapist. I was an attacker. She still had her lingerie on. I was naked. I was aroused. It didn’t matter what she wanted. I didn’t stop.

She murmured, “What do I do to get this part over with? What can I do?”

I told her “There’s something you need to understand. We are gonna have sex whether you like it or not.”

-Bob Guzzetta


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