She hadn’t even had time to dress herself when I said, with a smirk on my face, “Would you like to sniff my testicles?”

“Nope,” she replied in a neutral tone.

“I’ll repeat myself: would you like to sniff my testicles?” I asked, more aggressively this time.

She replied with a firm “No,” in order to establish her boundary—which I then disregarded by grabbing her by the throat and shoving her down onto a mattress on the floor.

I straddled her chest, pinning down her arms with my knees. Then, I raised my hand high above my head, swinging it down and hitting her in the face and head with an open palm. I did this five or six times—hard—before finally getting off of her.

Disoriented and nursing a sore jaw, she stood up—but before she could collect myself, I grabbed her by her hair and shoved her to her knees, forcing her face into my crotch several times before shoving her to the floor. She looked completely stunned, having no idea how to react.

-Bob Guzzetta


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