I started talking about that I liked her curves. And I liked the way the her hair flowed down the middle of her back. And then I kind of started pulling her up towards me. And she said what are you doing? And then I was just you know trying to talk about you know the way she looked. And then she started talking about something else. Trying to distract me and trying to get away from me.

So she got away from me towards the windowsill… And she was looking down at the River. And she was talking about how beautiful it was up there. And then I tried a second time. I leaned on the windowsill and I tried to pull her towards me.

And she said, ‘No.’

And then she turned around and she was going to get out toward the door. There was no bed in there. It was kind of set up like an office. You know with couches and tables and stuff like that.

… And she was thinking oh my gosh what is going on? You could tell her head was just spinning. And she was thinking is this really happening? This can’t really be happening. It was surreal.

…. She was getting closer to the door. She was thinking how am I going to get out of here? Am I just going to run out? I know the guard was sitting outside. So how am I going to get out so fast.

She looked really scared. And then she thought okay. Am I being raped? She thought something was going on. She was just freaking out, you know. All this time she was thinking how am I going to get out of this situation? So she got over close towards… There was a wall. It was getting closer to the door. And there was a couch. And so she started talking to me again about something.

And I sat down really fast and I dropped my pants. And I held her hand and made her fondle me. I asked her to kiss it. She said that is disgusting. She said I am not that kind of girl. She said I need to be getting back to the front desk. And I said, ‘No, you’re not.”

I grabbed her by the hair and neck and forced her on the ground. She struggled, breathlessly. She said no, no, no. It didn’t matter what she said. I slapped her until her mouth came undone. Then I shoved my member in her hole.

I went. Back and forth. Back and forth. When I finally came, it was an explosion. I held my hand against her mouth, and whispered in her ear: “swallow, bitch.” She tried struggling to more.

I choked her. She gasped for air. Finally, she relented. I felt my sperm making its way from her mouth down her tubes into her stomach. I had violated her.

I got up. And then when I got to the door she pulled up her pants and everything… And was tucking her shirt in. I don’t know. And she was trying to get out.

I held the door for her and he said, ‘You are a smart girl. Let’s keep this between ourselves.’ I did not want anybody to tell anybody about what had happened.

-Bob Guzzetta


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